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The idea for Millie's Million was conceived
in an animal hospital waiting room.

When Millie was diagnosed with cancer, it was a shock to me. I didn't even know dogs got cancer! It became overwhelming wading through all the medical information being thrown at me when all I was trying to do was hold onto my emotions.

Talking to people in the animal hospital waiting room became my saving grace. They knew exactly the extent of my emotions and we all tried to help each other figure out the best medical path for our pets.

In honor of Millie, Millie's Million was created to become an Internet Animal Hospital Waiting Room if you will. A place where pet owners can receive information and support.

The 'Million' in Millie's Million stands for a million words of comfort & hugs we're willing to give out.

In the name of Millie, we're going to try!

Millie's Story

How can you not love a dog that spent the first 6 months of her life living in a dishwasher? As soon as we opened up the dishwasher, Millie could smell the moisture and jump in.

At first, we didn't even recognize Millie's symptoms as an indication of cancer. She had bumps that would appear and disappear. We thought they were bug bites. This went on for almost 6 months, until a routine vet exam, when we mentioned the bumps and saw the look of concern on our vet's face.

Millie had Mastcell cancer. She needed an operation to remove the tumors. We were lucky, we could afford the treatment and we caught it in time.

With this website, we hope to provide the support, information, and help others need to find the best treatment for their four-legged loved ones.




Lola's Treats and Massage Therapy

 You can reach us at  milliesmillion@aol.com

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