The Loretta & Shadow
Hat Exchange Program

A while back a woman named Loretta came to us wanting to buy a hat. She shared that she lost her beloved dog, Shadow, to cancer. Loretta, too had cancer and was currently without hair due to chemo treatments. She wanted to wear one of our embroidered paw print hats in honor of Shadow
In Loretta's honor, a program was conceived where we donate hats to anyone who has lost his or her hair due to chemo.

It’s a gift from their canine counterparts.

For every donation of $10, we will purchase a hat and have it embroidered with our signature paw prints.

The hat will be sent to a hospital of your choice (please be sure to provide us with an address) or to a local hospital with a card (see below) including your name reflecting your generous donation.


Donations: $10 each.
Please enter quantity to indicate the number of $10 donations you would like to make.
Example: to donate $50, enter quantity of 5.

A while ago, a woman contacted us wanting to wear a hat in honor of her dog that had died of cancer.

She, herself, had cancer and was currently without hair due to the side effects of chemo treatments.

We recognized the value of a small present to someone who temporarily has lost his or her hair.

Please accept this hat as a gift from dogs who are also undergoing cancer treatments.

This particular hat is compliments of Millie's Million & the generosity of one of our contributors, ________________.

Hang in there!

P.S. The woman survived cancer and is doing well!





"When One Door Closes, Another Opens"

"I never thought much about this adage until all the events of the past year happened. I found out in December of 2004 that my best buddy, Shadow, had cancer and she wouldn't be with me much longer. She was 11 years old. Then, in April of 2005, I discovered I had breast cancer. Talk about two doors closing!
I stayed optimistic about my outcome, but cried my eyes out for Shadow.
We tried chemo, then two different prescriptions after the chemo quit working. She finally died June 2, just once week after my surgery.
Although the surgery was no fun, I was thankful to be able to be home with her during her last few weeks.
Right after all this happened, I read an article in the paper about Debbie and her Millie's Million program and knew I had to contact her. I told her about Shadow and ordered a hat. I told her that I was bald after four months of chemo.
The rest is history. So, because of two doors closing, Shadow and my health, another opened with this program. Things really do happen for a reason. Now many will benefit thanks to Shadow.
                     - Loretta









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