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What can we offer you?

Our studio is able to offer people something different than you might find at your typical photo studio. Besides being able to photograph your pet in your home, on location, or in the studio, we will work with your own photographs in order to create unique artwork. The samples of the Millie’s Million cards are a good example of this. Some pets have passed away, others had special moments or expressions that only the owner could capture, and some I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph. We enjoy trying to capture more than just an image, but to turn them into artwork you would be proud to exhibit in your home. Recently we found a number of people interested in putting their pet on a note card, similar to the Millie’s Million note cards. From note cards to poster size prints, we are here to turn pictures into memories you can enjoy for years to come.
When you want something a little different, but truly unique and one of a kind, we are here to help you capture that special moment.

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