Bo's Mentorship Center

Kris Thut, Director

We have found that one of the greatest gifts we can give to owners whose pets have just been diagnosed with cancer is that of understanding. Once the pet owner has filled out the form, we will match that person with someone who has already gone through the exact same medical program and can offer emotional support, guidance, and a road map of what to do next.

Some people feel more comfortable talking to one person and other like group participation. We offer a variety of mentoring programs.

For one-on-one mentorship, you simply fill out the form below, and we'll provide a mentor who knows first hand what you are going through and will help you in any way he or she can.

Kris has a group support program where you can get group hugs and words of advice.

Children need help, too. We offer a program where we encourage kids to draw pictures, write poetry or express themselves in anyway they can.

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