Purses for Pups Auction - Celebrity Page

signed by all the news anchors...

On the Back: the actual television with Elvis playing

WKYC Purse

Autographed by news anchors: Jim Donovan, Romona Robinson, Tim White, Mark Nolan


The  handle into an electrical cord plugged in to the television purse...

WKYC Health Anchor
Monica Robins

Paris Hotels and attractions

Maria Ecks
Maria Ecks and Monica Robins


The Point After on WKYC

Autogrpahed by
Doug Dieken, Tony Grossi, Jim Donovan and former Browns head coach Sam Rutigliano


Plain Dealer Reporter

Suzanne Hively,
Reporter for the
Cleveland Plain Dealer


Turn your dog
into a celebrity

Spectacular offer!
Kathy Miller, an incredible artist (please refer to the Rabbit and Picasso Purse) has agreed to paint a portrait of your dog on this wooden purse. Kathy is a professional artist and has been written up in newspapers. This is a true honor and gift to Millie's Million that she has offered this to our auction.


And check out what we received from Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp

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