Purses for Pups


Millie’s Million
Purses for Pups

Decorate a purse to help pups,
or we can make one for you!

Our goal is to raise money for pups in need. The price is $8.50 for a round, square or rectangular paper mache purse. You can decorate it with photos, wrapping paper, cards, jewelry or ribbons – anything you can imagine! Finished purses are sent to Millie’s, photographed, and auctioned off. Celebrities are creating purses and autographing them.
To order a purse,


To order different styles, please select quanitty for first style, and click "Add to Cart", then return to select quntity for second style, and so on.

Mail: Specify style (round, square or rectangular) and number of purses, and include a checks (payable to Millie’s Million) for the amount at $8.50 per purse. Send to:
        Millie’s Million
        Purses for Pups
        9131 Wilderness Passage
        Chagrin Falls, OH 44023.

It will take approximately 1-1/2 weeks to receive the purse. We will need the finished purses by November 18 for the December 1st auction.

Or, you can send the materials you want
on your purse along with your check
and we will create the purse for you!




 You can reach us at  milliesmillion@aol.com

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