We have been fortunate to have met so many wonderful people during this time of starting up Millie's Million, whose time and efforts should be recognized. It is through their encouragement and help along the way that Millie's Million has grown from an idea to a reality.

We owe an enormous thank you to Dr. Rance Gamblin, Dr. Sheldon Padgett, and Dr. Neal Sivula of the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital, for their participation in our Video Center.

Thanks to Brian Johnson, videographer from Channel 3 News, for filming our videos!

Thanks to the Western Reserve Kennel Club of Cleveland for inviting us to speak at their event on 11/08/06.

Thanks to Barbara Daniel of The Cleveland Women's Journal East Edition for featuring Millie's MIllion's Purses for Pups in recnt editions of their free, informative publication. Be sure to watch for it in coffee shops, book stores, hair salons, etc.

Thanks to WKYC for the segment they aired on 07/18/06 View the segment.

Suzanne Hively, a reporter from The Plain Dealer, has written an article on Millie's Million that will appear in the Nov. 3rd edition. Suzanne, not only are we grateful for the article, it has been so much fun talking to you!

Millie's Million is especially grateful to All About Dogs. Throughout the summer, they have invited us every other week to participate in their Breed Days events. A particular breed would be highlighted, for example lhasa apso, and even if we didn't have dog of that breed in our program, Deanna, the owner, was gracious to always include us. Thank you so much to Deanna and her caring staff for always making us feel so welcome.

Dr. Lori Bieber of South Russell Animal Hospital
has always been there for us. We cannot thank her enough for being so kind to all of our Millie's Million pups.

Vanessa from Invisible Fence was nice enough to invite us to a show they are sponsoring at All About Dogs on Sat., Nov. 5th. Thank you for including us! We are most appreciative.

Mary Cilia from MEC Systems, Inc. is our new hero. We have given her a ridiculous time frame to work in to set up our new web page and she has answered the challenge and helped in an enormous way. Thank you, Mary!

The same goes for Sara at Nu Threadz. She rush ordered our products for our grand opening as a new company. Sara, your work is spectacular. Thanks!

Thanks to Dr. Gamblin from Metropolitan Veterinary Referral Group for helping so many of our beloved pets.

THANK YOU so very much to Mark & Beth Kimball. Quite frankly, Millie's Million would not exist without their unparalleld generosity of time and talent. See Mark's page on our site

Lola's Pup Mom, Rachel, is the inspiration behind Millie's Million. When Lola got cancer, Rachel baked dog cookies as fast as she could to be able to afford to save her life. SHE DID IT! When Millie got cancer, I called Rachel and asked her if she would help me with Millie's Million. She jumped in with both feet and baked dog cookies for fund raisers.

Lola's Treats and Massage Therapy

SPECIAL THANKS to Rebecca Reed from Blocky Dogs for giving us our Guardian Angel, Dallis TexAnne. Rebecca is constantly promoting Millie's Million for which we are so very grateful. We'd like to exchange the favor. If anyone out there wants a customized, embroidered dog collar, please contact Rebecca at







Embroidery & Screenprinting



















 You can reach us at

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